Friday, December 31, 2010

Christmas Eve

SO, we rigged the Christmas eve gifts so that they would have matching pajamas to wear for Christmas morning.

They kinda liked it. And kinda didn't.

OH well, it made for some cute pictures and they did enjoy putting on NEW PJs after their bath. FUN!

Thursday, December 30, 2010

Hannah's Christmas Program

For the Christmas program this year all the children wore their pajamas. Even though Justus' class did not sing in the program, we still let him participate in the PJ's dress.
Both were VERY excited!
When the kids in my class came in I took pictures of each of them and, of course, my own children wanted to be a part.
Sitting with her class ready to go.
Hannah with her friend from class, Ellie. They are cuties.
Hannah with her teacher, Mrs Joy-Marie.
AND, of course, Santa was there!! YAY!

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Decorating The Tree

So, I'm a little behind.
What's new?

It was pretty fun putting up the tree with Hannah and Justus this year. They had fun doing it and Hannah was able to recognize which ornaments were hers and what she had made. She loved that!

Chris and I put up some of the breakable ornaments and a few special ones that we consider "ours."

Everyone had a good time but I could not get Justus to look at me for a picture - he was way too serious about his job of decorating the tree!......

....Except once.

I finally spotted him looking at me.

Can you find him??


Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Our Sunday Pictures

Merry Christmas!

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Our Sunday Pictures

Yes I know it is Thursday and Yes I know that means I am 4 days late.

2 reasons.

#1 - my mouse won't work and I really don't like using the finger pad thingy on my laptop.

#2 - sickness. my house. lots o kids. a couple of adults. yucky. enoughsaid.

Friday, December 17, 2010


Quote from July 2009 THINK magazine page 9:

To believe in Jesus as the Son of God means that we trust what He says is true and authoritative.

The temptation to listen temptation to listen to the world or our peers remains with us. Whether we listen to the world or listen to the words of Jesus will make a difference in our future. The Lord ended the Sermon on the Mount with these words:

Not everyone who says to Me, "Lord, Lord," will enter the kingdom of heaven, but the one who does the will of My Father who is in Heaven. On that day many will say to me "Lord, Lord, did we not prophesy in Your name, and cast out demons in Your name, and do many mighty works in Your name?" And then will I declare to them, "I never knew you; depart from Me, you workers of lawlessness."

Everyone then who hears these words of Mine and does them will be like a wise man who built his house on the rock. And the rain fell, and the floods came, and the winds blew and beat on that house, but it did not fall, because it had been founded on the rock. And everyone who hears these words of mine and does not do them will be like a foolish man who built his house on the sand. And the rain fell, and the floods came, and the winds blew and beat against that house, and it fell, and great was the fall of it. (Matthew 7:21-27)

Postmodern Christianity, which has rejected absolutes, claims that what a person believes is insignificant as long as he believes and loves Jesus. Nothing, however, could be further from the truth.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Thanksgiving Program

((Less than a month ago does not require a "REWIND!" even though I am still quite behind!))

Hannah's school programs are so cute! For Thanksgiving each age group dresses up as something a little different. The 3 year old class is trukeys. The 3/4 year old class (my class) is pilgrims. The Pre-K classes (Hannah's class) are Indians.

They are just the cutest - aren't they?

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

REWIND! Trunk or Treat.

My little Superman and my sweet Cowgirl!!QUIZ!:
Do you know what happens when you put a sweet Cowgirl and a cutie "tractor boy" together?
A Cutie Sweet Cowgirl with a fancy smancy tractor.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

It Snowed!

An unexpected couple of inches before Christmas.This is actually Justus doing his new smile. Hilarious.
I am afraid that my children may be developing my non-adventure attitude sometimes. (Or it may just be that we don't really have the clothes for snowy 15 degree weather.)
Justus did not want to get off the porch.
Hannah did all this in about 7 minutes....
and then wanted to come inside.