Saturday, March 31, 2007

Kite Day

Today was a really fun Kite Day. We were all so excited that Maw Maw and Poppa Bob were able to be there with us.

Hannah had a great first Kite Day. She was technically at the one last year but she was in my belly so she doesn't remember.

Chris and our friend Brady tried to fly Chris' new kite that Hannah and I got him on Thursday but it did not do very well. I am not sure Hannah and I are the best ones to ask about picking out the right kite. We go by what color is prettiest and what shape looks fun, not what material and shape flies the best. Note to self for next year.....

Hannah saw the Easter Bunny but did not want to look at the camera. She just wanted to look at the him. She rubbed his fur and held his hand and looked at his eyes and nose and mouth but would not look up for a picture. The Easter Bunny was much too interesting.

Hannah had a great time hunting for eggs. Chris made sure she got the eggs that had the "good" candy in them. Yummmmy for Daddy.

What a Fun Day. I am very thankful for Fun Days. They are great!

Friday, March 30, 2007

Favorite Friday

Sara Jo is probably at home wondering where my Favorite Friday entry is. I am sorry, Maw Maw and Poppa are in town and have been playing with Hannah. We have been busy!

This week the Favorite Friday question is What is your favorite part of being a Mommy? Sara Jo came up with a tough one. Let's start by saying that there is not much about being a Mommy (if anything at all so far) that I don't like.

I have only been an "official" Mommy for a little over 9 months. So far I think my favorite part is the new air in the house. I think all you Mommy's out there will know what I mean. The house is different. There is something about it that makes it really a home. The air is more fun, yet more aware, and has a new prospective. The air that a child brings to the house is refreshing, youthful, loving, and joyous. You only feel the fullness of the new air if you are the Mommy or the Daddy. It engulfs me as a Mommy. I am thankful for it. It makes my husband and I want to be better people, it helps with our focus on God. It is the unconditional love that you have for your child and that they have for you back that comforts you.

Thursday, March 29, 2007


So, Daddy decided that today he was going to play golf after work. That left Mommy and Hannah alone to PLAY! First, we went to the park to swing. It was great fun. Then we got in the car, had some water (or chewed on the sippy cup) and got on the road to Kroger. Hannah hand picked some pretty flowers for the table since Maw Maw and Poppa Bob are coming to see us tomorrow. We got Daddy a new kite for Kite Day on Saturday (I didn't let Hannah get Daddy the Barbie one that she liked... Daddy might not have liked that one). We got Hannah some food. She chewed, again, on the buggy (yes, I told her to stop it after I took the picture). And then Hannah zonked out. She had had enough of Mommy's fun.

Yes, people looked at me strange since I had a camera in Kroger.

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

In Awe

I have, after being in bed for practically 2 days sick, decided I am officially in awe of the homemakers out there. I have a couple of very best friends who are homemakers, I have a great friend back at home who use to be a homemaker, I have a mother who was for a little while, and I have a few friends who read this who may not have kids and so aren't thinking of being a homemaker yet but may be in the future.

When I first had Hannah everyone asked if I would stay home and quit work... even work asked. I said No, that the lifestyle we had chosen required two incomes right now. I think just about every person said .... "Oh, well, maybe one day you will be able to. It's OK!" Is it a bad thing that I am not sure I ever want to or that I will ever want to? Here are the things I have because I am not a homemaker.

  • I am alone with my husband at least 1 hour a day in the car because we work in the same place.
  • When I am sick, Hannah still goes to Day Care and Chris still goes to work and I have a day to be miserable alone in my house. Silence.
  • I don't feel like my husband and I have to teach Hannah EVERYTHING. There are others who help us with that. Hannah may thank us later for this one.
  • I really do have an adult conversation every day.
  • Since we both work, when Hannah is sick, we take turns staying at home from work with the sick child. (That means we both, equally, get thrown up on!)
I just want to tell all of you out there who have taken on this big responsibility. I admire you. You inspire me. I think you are wonderful. And I am ALWAYS here for you if you need an adult conversation or a day off. I can't imagine how you make it without that. You are stronger than I!

I love you for that!


I never once thought that anyone didn't believe me when I said that Hannah had two teeth or that she is pulling up and standing up on her own (not sure if I have told everyone that one) but I was so excited to get pictures of this yesterday. I know the one of her in her chair is a weird angle but she is starting to become stingy with her smiles and so she thinks the camera is cool to look at but does not get that I am actually behind it and that I want her to smile at me.

Anyway, in the first one you should be able to see both of her teeth. And in the second one you can see that she is becoming spider woman and scaling walls. Yes, she pulled up by putting her hands on the wall and walking herself up with her hands. I think my dad would be so upset about the prints on the walls!! It was fun to watch, though.

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

The Greatest Husband

Starting about midnight Sunday night (Monday morning) I have been sick. I mean really sick. I can not remember the last time I actually ran a fever of over 100 for over 24 hours. I went to the doctor and it is just a stomach virus. I am suppose to be staying at home and resting today. I feel much better and don't have a fever yet today, which is great!

Anyway, on with the real reason I am blogging. I am so thankful for my husband. I am thankful for him all the time and every day. But yesterday he was unbelievable. He was pretty much a single parent and a nurse plus his regular job for a whole 24 or 36 hours starting yesterday. Not only did I feel nautious but the medicine I was given make you sleepy SO, needless to say, I have been in bed for about 36 hours. Chris is wonderful.

Thank you for your caring heart!
Thank you for your love for me and Hannah!
Thank you for all the hard work you do for this family!
I love you with all my heart!

Sunday, March 25, 2007

Words of Wisdom

I am thankful for our minister, Mr. Cottrell. He is a wonderful minister. Hannah was trying to talk back to him tonight and so I had to take her out of worship, but I was still touched by his lesson.

He said that the amount of violent crime in the US has gone up 500%. Now, please do not ask me the detailed questions like, what was the number of violent crimes before, or what is considered a violent crime or what time frame the statistic was regarding or any of that. I do understand those things are important and no I do not know the answer to them. For this type of statistic, however, I think that my reaction to it would stay the same no matter what the answer to all those questions are. Anyway, he spoke about living in this world and worrying about your children and grand children. I do this often. It is scary.

His conclusion at the end of the sermon went something like this...
There is good news and bad news. The bad news is that there will never be a time that this worry won't be here. The good news is We Win. In the end, God's people win!!!

Grill.... Birds???

The oddest thing has happened. When the grill cover got torn up we didn't think it was that big of a deal and figured that we would get another one sometime but did not put it high on the priority list. Last week when we went to grill some chicken we found a bird's nest in the grill. It was a little freaky. Well, we cleaned it out (not as easy as you may think since the straw is woven between the things on the grill) and we thought everything was OK. Well, just a few days later we found this. This picture was taken today. The new nest that they have made is bigger and better than the old one. Not only is everything woven in there but they have a downstairs to their home, below the grill. Needless to say, a grill cover has now shot up on the priority list.


Man, we had a great weekend. Busy but great. Lots of things to celebrate.

Congratulations Keith on getting that MBA!
Happy Birthday Brady!
Happy Birthday Daniel!

And FINALLY, a picture of Hannah and Savannah together! They are already playing together. It is so hard to believe they are only 4 months apart. I think I can already tell that we are going to have to watch them. They may be trouble when they are together. Very different from the way Sara Jo and I were when we were growing up together.

Saturday, March 24, 2007


This morning we went to get Hannah's 9 month pictures taken. (I can not believe she is 9 months old already). Our good friend from church, Julie, does a beautiful job with her pictures and does them from her home. (( For all of you who know how... be on the look out for Hannah's 9 month pictures on her webiste on Wednesday night or Thursday sometime. )) Well, they live out on some land away from town and they were about to get some things done in their yard, so she let us take some pictures on the tractor while she was getting set up for our photo session. Hannah thought it was really neat!

Feet Up!

This morning when Hannah was eating her breakfast I just had to take pictures of her with her foot up. She does this every time. It is hilarious. She just has to have one of those feet up! I think she may get this from me. I have my feet in my chair on a regular basis. Actually I have to be careful at work because I will get so busy and not even realize I have my feet up in my chair or that I am sitting Indian Style in my chair that when my boss (or even worse my boss' boss) comes in I have to try to get myself situationed so that I look professional before he sees. Crazy.

Friday, March 23, 2007

Favorite Friday

So, my friend Sara Jo (see Moss' link under friends) and I decided to make every Friday "Favorite Friday" and we will both answer the same question about a favorite. This week's question I came up with and it is "What is your Favorite Sunday Morning Worship Song?"

I talked to my husband about this and he said that was a hard question because you usually find a new one each week. It seems every Sunday you start singing a song and say "OH yeah, I forgot about that one..."

Anyway, I did not realize how much time I would need to think about this when I came up with the question. I have narrowed it down to two. I kind of consider one an old one and one a newer one. Neither are really new. I think I just think of them that way because of when I heard of each of them for the first time. SO, Sara Jo, don't be mad that I ruined it the first Friday we did it but I am going to have to say two of them. Chris says this isn't fair but oh well.

The Old Rugged Cross by George Bennard 1913
On a hill far away stood an old rugged cross. The emblem of suffering and shame; And I love that old cross where the dearest and best, for a world of lost sinners, was slain. So I'll cherish the old rugged cross, Till my trophies at last I lay down; I will cling to the old rugged cross, And exchange it some day for a crown.

His Grace Reaches Me by Whitey Gleason 1964
Deeper than the ocean and wider than the sea is the grace of the Savior for sinners like me; Sent from the Father and it thrills my soul, Just to feel and to know, That His blood makes me whole. His grace reaches me, yes, His grace reaches me, And twill last thru eternity; Now I'm under His control and I'm happy in my soul, Just to know that His grace reaches me.

Anyone else who blogs and would like to join in......
Let us know what your favorite Sunday Morning Worship Song is today in your blog!

Thursday, March 22, 2007


SO, I have had a day of a heavy heart. This blog entry may get a little personal so bare with me.

Have you ever had a day where you are just disappointed in humans?
Today I felt as though I lived in a world where no one cares about other's feelings as long as they got their own entertainment.
Today I felt as though I live in a world where you automatically think a person's intentions are wrong and malicious, just because.
Today I felt as though I live in a world where we choose to only plan for the bad without considering the possibility that the good may happen.
Today I felt as though I live in a world where being scared of every moment, because the bad and terrible specimens of society has ruined a comfortable world for everyone, is the norm.
Today I felt frightened for Hannah growing up here, on earth, in the US, in our community, in our neighborhood, and in our schools.
Today we decided we would make an effort to teach our daughter to remember we are all children of God. Other's are precious. No matter what. (This decision is not new, just renewed)

Sometimes with this goal we can get discouraged on a day like today. I pray for strength and encouragement.

Acts 17:24-29 (New American Standard Version)
The God who made the world and all in it, since He is Lord of heaven and earth, does not dwell in temples made with hands; neither is He served by human hands, as though He needed anything, since He Himself gives to all life and breath and all things; and He made from one, every nation of mankind to live on all the face of the earth, having determined their appointed times, and the boundaries of their habitation, that they should seek God, if perhaps they might grope for Him and find Him, though He is not far from each one of us; for in Him we live and move and exist, as even some of your own poets have said, "For we also are His offspring." Being then the offspring of God, we ought not to think that the Divine Nature is like gold or silver or stone, an image formed by the art and thought of man.

Thank you, Lord, for your word to get us thru each day!

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Current Book

The book I am currently reading is The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants by Ann Brashares. A first for me happened with this book. I actually saw the movie, then found out it was a book and has 2 sequels and wanted to read the series. I have never wanted to read a book after watching a movie before. Anyway, I asked for the books for Christmas and my wonderful Mother-In-Law and Sister-In-Law got them for me. If you haven't seen the movie you should. It is about girls and the challenges growing up to be a woman. I didn't call it a chick flick because I usually think of those as love stories. This is a girl movie ... just about being a girl. I am half way thru the book and so far it is good and a little different from the movie. At the beginning of each chapter they have little saying. They usually make me chuckle. This book is about high school girls so don't get your hopes too high. They are not the MOST thought provoking things, just fun to read. I will share... (By reading them it will not ruin the movie or book.)

  • Not all who wander are lost. --J.R.R. Tolkien
  • Luck never gives, it only lends. --Ancient Chinese Proverb
  • Today is the tomorrow we worried about yesterday. --Anonymous
  • Can you make yourself love? Can you make yourself be loved? --Lena Kaligaris
  • There is no such thing as fun for the whole family. --Jerry Seinfield
  • Love is like war: easy to begin and hard to end. --Proverb


SO, I am suppose to be working and I just needed to take a small, short, lunch/blog break.

Are marshmellows weird to anyone else? I decided I wanted some a couple of weeks ago when we were at the grocery store and they aren't that expensive but for some reason I can't just eat a lot of them. I brought some today, to work, to have with my lunch. They are kinda weird. They have a weird texture and they leave a weird powder on your hands. Let me enlighten you as to what is in them. Ingrediant one corn syrup. Ingrediant two sugar. Ingrediant three modified corn starch. Ingrediant four water. I don't think I need to go any further. Now for the nutrition facts: a serving is 2/3 cup. 100 calories. no fat. 25mg of sodium. 18 grams of sugar. and less than one gram of protein. WOW. It has some protein. Very impressive.

I think I will eat some more now!

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Fun Day

Well, today was a fun day. I am thankful for fun days even if every little thing within that day wasn't completely pleasant. Hannah had a doctor's appointment today (her 9 month shots) at 4.30 and so Chris and I took this opportunity to get off a few hours early from work. We left at 2 and went to eat at one of our favorite restaurants that we hardly ever get to eat at. We had a GREAT lunch. Then we went to pick up Hannah early from Day Care. We took her to the park. We took her to a new park and the swings were not out yet. It was very sad. BUT Hannah did like the slide. She had a great time. We went to the doctor to find out she is very healthy. Thankfully. Of course, there were some shots involved too but we are doing well now and it was not too bad.

Hannah's Stats
Head Circumference: 17 3/4" 75th percentile.
Height: 28 1/4" 75th percentile.
Weight: 20 pounds 75th percentile.

Yes, I said 20 POUNDS!
I couldn't believe it.

The doctor was very pleased and said she was perfectly proportioned.

I hope everyone else had a fun day too.

Monday, March 19, 2007


So, I think that all of you moms and dads out there who read this know what it is like to worship on Sundays once you have a child. Suddenly you don't hear nearly as much as you use to of the sermon (whether the child is asleep or not) and you just might as well forget about taking notes on everything. I, personally, live for the singing. Hannah is fascinated enough not to want or need much and I can actively participate and even put my heart into it. Don't get me wrong, we have not had to take Hannah out of worship very much. She is really not that hard to deal with right now but having her there still gets us distracted even though we don't have to take her out. I think you know what I am trying to say....

Anyway.... I got to actually look at a scripture on Sunday with the minister and I have been thinking of it ever since. I even got my Bible out at work today just to read it one more time. And since I am trying to keep gratitude as somewhat of a theme in my blog I just knew I had to share it.

I Corinthians 15:57-58 (NKJV)
But thanks be to God, who gives us the victory though our Lord Jesus Christ. Therefore, my beloved brethren, be steadfast, immovable, always abounding in the work of the Lord, knowing that your labor is not in vain in the Lord.

I pray that I am thankful to God for the victory He has given me every day. And I pray that I am steadfast and immovable (wow!) and always abounding in the work of the Lord every day. Some days I am not sure I am.

Sunday, March 18, 2007


I am thankful for growth. It usually means something is going right. My mom got Hannah this beautiful 3-6 month dress (left picture Nov 27, 2006) and Chris and I just loved it. We were a little sad when she outgrew it. We were so excited when Chris' Aunt got Hannah the same dress in a 9 month size for Christmas (right picture Today). I just had to get a side by side picture of her in it. I see a little more meat on her and a little more hair but that smile still melts me. Growth is good. I am grateful for it.

By the way the brand of this dress is called Rare Editions and they have wonderful dresses at the department stores for a good price. We have more of them and I have a feeling we will be buying more in the future.

Saturday, March 17, 2007

Missing the School Days

Does everyone remember the days when you would be sick or not feel so good and you would get to stay home from school and just lay around? Man, I do miss that. And it was never that big of a deal to catch up at school from just one or two days. It really wasn't that stressful. I have come to realize having a job, a husband, and a child means no more sick days of just laying around.

Remember, on those days, mom would bring you almost anything you wanted to eat because she just wanted you to eat.. something.. anything. She would take your temperature and hug you and give you medicine and tell you to just stay put and she hoped you felt better. She would always check on you regularly to see how you were. You could sleep as much as you wanted and forget that anything else was going on in the world.

Some Days I miss Those Days.
Every Day I miss My Mom. (for more reasons than just this)

For You, Chris

Now, I will admit, I did not grow up an NCState fan, however my husband's enthusiasm is contagious and I do root for them most of the time now... (when they play Alabama I am torn). Anyway, NCState's basketball team unfortunately did not get into the NCAA tournament but they are in the NIT and are doing well. This is my show of support for them....

(( Yes, this is a picture of one of our coasters sitting on our couch. I can not figure out how you all get pictures off the Internet into your blog. Someone will have to show me soon. ))


Happy Green Day! Or should I be official... HAPPY ST. PATRICK'S DAY!
Hannah is very festive and we are having a wonderful Saturday! We hope everyone else is too.

Friday, March 16, 2007

Lethal Justice

Well, despite my likes and dislikes growing up I have grown up to become a reader. I now always have to have a book on my bedside table to read. It takes me a little while to get thru one because I can only read right before going to bed and I am a slow reader but reading has in the last few years become my wind down time. My me time.

Anyway, I am a HUGE Nicholas Sparks fan! He is my favorite. I thank my family for getting me interested in him. If you have never read any of his books I recommend you do so... Any of them... They are all wonderful. I have read all of his books and am anxiously awaiting another one. While I am waiting for his I have to find others to read.

I have discovered (thanks Aunt Wendy) another author that I like. She is NO Nicholas Sparks but she will do. Her name is Fern Michaels. She writes some scary stuff (I don't read those) but some love stories too. I thought I would tell you about the last book I read which was Lethal Justice by Fern Michaels. Now, please keep in mind that she does not write Christian based books. Anyway, I had some Fern Michaels books I wanted for Christmas and Chris knew about them but he could not find them so he bought me the only one he could find. Lethal Justice. I was very nervous about reading it. I am not a scary book or movie person. I like nice endings and good love stories. Well, this ended up being a pretty neat book. It is about a very rich woman who's family was murdered and the court system failed her and the murder did not get the correct punishment. SO, she decided to take revenge into her own hands so that she could move on with her life. It worked so now she uses her money to help other women get revenge on those that have gotten away with doing wrong. It is odd because you start to feel torn. The women are actually doing the exact same thing that they are mad at others for doing but for some reason you are still rooting for them. Anyway, if you are interested in a different kind of book that is not scary, keeps your attention, and has an odd story line this is for you...
Lethal Justice by Fern Michaels.

Others that I have read by her that are good are The Nosy Neighbor and Beyond Tomorrow.


Yes, you saw it correctly, I said TEETH... not tooth.
When we picked Hannah up from Day Care today they said she had a hard time sleeping and would wake up from her naps screaming. Now, I am not about to say my child never fusses or screams but it is VERY VERY rare (this might actually be the first time) that Hannah wakes up screaming. She is usually not in a bad mood when she wakes up from a night's sleep or a nap. Chris and I have not figured out which one of us she gets that from! Anyway, the bottom line is that another tooth broke thru the skin today. It is her other bottom front tooth. I think she has had only one tooth for a month or so now and we were starting to wonder where the others were. The funny thing is that we should have known that she would get her second tooth today. One of our close friends has a son that is in first grade and when Hannah got her first tooth it was right after he lost his front tooth. Well, he lost his other front tooth yesterday and today came Hannah's second tooth. I think we can thank Brady for loosing a tooth and giving it to Hannah.

Thursday, March 15, 2007

The First "Food"

So, I couldn't just leave it at the Blueberries. I had to show you a comparison. This is Hannah the first time she had cereal (something other than her bottle). I can not believe the difference. I feel like I can barely remember her having this little of hair. It is just crazy. All of you who told me this... It's Ture... She is growing too fast!


NO, Chris and I did not let Hannah put on some lipstick tonight. This is part of her supper. Blueberries! She really likes them but they always end up everywhere. For some reason every time we give them to the day care to feed to her they end up in her nose!! How does that happen? I know this is only the VERY beginning of messy foods. It was fun tonight. She loved it.

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

French Fries

OK, lets just get it out there...
Does anyone else in this world struggle with french fries?
If you don't.... Lucky you.
I really really like them. I could really loose some weight if I would just stop eating them. The thing that is so good about them is so gross. I say that we all get together and come up with some kind of way that we can make french fries good for you and then I think I just might eat them every day! I have a weakness and I am not afraid to admit it.

Monday, March 12, 2007


I want to share the scripture from my class on Sunday Morning that I have been thinking about ever since the teacher read it. It is stuck on my brain!

Philippians 4:8 (NKJ)
Finally, brethren, whatever things are true, whatever things are noble, whatever things are just, whatever things are pure, whatever things are lovely, whatever things are of good report, if there is any virtue and if there is anything praiseworthy -- meditate on these things.


I have had a weekend of memories. Saturday Chris and I took Hannah to a production at the school we "met" at and graduated from. It was great. Remembering all the fun we had on that campus and seeing all that has changed. It wasn't all that long ago that we were there but it is still amazing how much something can change in a short amount of time. I think sometimes we all want to think that things don't move on without us. It is an odd feeling to understand that everything does move on.. No matter what.

Then we had a friend from out of town come in and we were up until 11 (that is late for me) last night telling stories from the past. Some funny, some sad, some shocking, some so confusing from the lack of memory you couldn't help but laugh.

I am thankful for memories. All of them, good and bad. I have learned from my past. I suppose we all do. Thank Goodness!

Saturday, March 10, 2007


Anyone who has known me for a while knows that I really really like Adidas and their clothes. If I had the money and the job that I could do it at, I would wear the clothes all the time. I have always said that my children will have at least one all Adidas outfit some day. Just one. Anyway, we found a sale and Hannah now has her first Adidas jacket. She got to wear it yesterday! I loved it. Had to share!


If you want your girl to not be mistaken for a boy another wonderful thing is a dress. We received a beautiful dress from some of my grandparents friends in Ireland and I had it all planned out that this was going to be Hannah's Easter dress. I took it out the other day to admire it and was panicked because it looked as though it would almost be too small for her now much less in a few weeks. SO, today we dressed her up in it and took some pictures. I could not go without getting some, even if she did only wear the dress for 10 minutes. It was fun.

Friday, March 9, 2007


I am very thankful for Recipes. Chris is a wonderful cook. He can just make up something and it is wonderful. I, on the other hand, must have a detailed recipe for anything to work out correctly. Chris and I have found that we are so busy trying to eat as fast a possible so that we can play with Hannah in the evenings that we had stopped really eating. Ramen Noodles, sandwiches, and cereal were a regular thing for us. Anyway, we have a notebook now of great FAST recipes that we have found in magazines that we like or really want to try. I have a favorite. It is so good and easy

2 cups uncooked rotini pasta, 1 Tbsp oil, 1lb boneless skinless chicken breasts cut into bite size chunks, 2 cups chopped red peppers (Chris and I have used green ones too), 1/4 cup Zesty Italian Dressing, 1Tbsp chili powder, 1/2 cup salsa, 1/2 cup sour cream, 1/2 cup shredded cheddar cheese.
Cook pasta as directed on package.
Meanwhile, heat oil in large skillet on med-high heat.
Add chicken.
Cook and stir for 6 minutes.
Add peppers, dressing, and chili powder.
Cook 3 minutes or until chicken is cooked thru.
Stir frequently.
Stir in salsa and sour cream.
Toss pasta with chicken mixture.
Sprinkle with cheese.

Yummmmyyyyyyyyyyyyyy! You will love it!


I am a Walmart fan. I won't deny it.
However, I bought some jeans from Walmart last weekend....
$11, boot cut, nice color, my size.... how could I resist.
I just knew they would be great. I was so confident that I didn't try them on and I cut the tags off of them and put them in my closet right away when I got home. I am not sure what made me so confident but I know now, Today, that I will never buy Walmart jeans blindly again. This is the most uncomfortable I have been on a casual Friday at work since I was pregnant! I really dislike these jeans. I won't say hate.... However, it is official, I wasted $11.

A Walmart fan I still am, but NO MORE WALMART JEANS for me!

Thursday, March 8, 2007

Hair Bows and Hair Barretts

I am thankful for Hair Bows and Hair Barretts now more than ever. My daughter never looks like a boy to me or Chris. But, then again, she is OURS so we are a little bias. I don't know why mothers (me) get so sensitive about their daughters being called boys. Anyway, bows and barretts are one way to avoid this. I was so sad when Hannah didn't have enough hair for them but now she is already use to having to be still for me to put them in. It is SO fun. Whether he wants to admit it or not, Chris likes for his little girl to have a bow or barrett in too.


Well, I know that it is March and I have just started my blog but I just can't forget about our Christmas this past year. Hannah's First Christmas. I just had to share some pictures.

Even though she was only 6 months old I think she had a great day and really had fun. Some said it wouldn't be as fun because she wouldn't really get it but we had a GREAT time. I know this year will be even more of a blast!