Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Complete Confidence

I was cleaning Justus' hands and he saw this spot and wanted me to get it off but I soon realized it may be a splinter.

I told him to go over to Poppa Bob and ask him about it.

Poppa asked Justus if he wanted him to "get it off". And Justus said YES.

Poppa told Justus to get in his lap and he got out his pocket knife.

Justus just watched and laid down while holding his hand still and he just let Poppa get that splinter out. It was so cute and sweet. Loved it!


Betty said...

It was a moment of COMPLETE confidence and love between them!

JoniDH said...


Wendy said...

Awe that is so sweet!!!

Renee said...

if that's not the magic of grandparents, i don't know what is. very sweet. :)