Sunday, September 25, 2011

Happy Birthday Justus!

3 years ago today we were in the hospital holding Justus for the very first time and I was thinking "what am I going to do with a boy?"

Today I am thinking "what would I have done without this boy?"

Justus you are such a blessing to our family. You make us a complete 4!! We love you very very much!

In the hospital.
1st Birthday
2nd Birthday
Our Birthday Boy this year.
One picture from each of the last 12 months.
My How He Has Grown!!!

Happy Happy Birthday Buddy Boo!


Betty said...

Happy birthday Justus!! So glad we were able to help you celebrate! Love to all!

JoniDH said...

Oh yes, that's my boy!! Happy, happy birthday! I love you SO much!

Wendy said...

We love you Buddy Boo!!!
AW and Mollie