Friday, November 11, 2011

Hannah's Logical Thinking

First, there is something you should know.
Do you know the 12 apostles song?

It is cute and makes it easy to remember the 12 apostles.
Where we worship one of our goals for the Kindergarten class is for them to know this song and the Books of the Bible songs.

Here are the lyrics:

Apostle's Song

To the tune of Jesus Loves Me.

Jesus called them one by one

Peter, Andrew, James and John

Next came Philip, Thomas too

Matthew and Bartholomew

James the one they called the less

Simon, also Thaddeus

The twelfth apostle Judas made

Jesus was by him betrayed

Yes, Jesus called them

Yes, Jesus called them

Yes, Jesus called them

And they all followed him

Second there is a story about my sweet girl I want to share!

We were in the car on the way to drop her off at school and here is the conversation:

Hannah: WOW! The sky looks really neat.

Mommy: God has made so many beautiful things!

Justus: God made the clouds and put blue up there and God make the trees and the grass and cows.

small pause while Justus is thinking

Justus: God made all the animals and all the people

Hannah: No He didn't.

Mommy: What? Yes, God made everyone.

Hannah: No He didn't. God didn't make the 12th apostle.

Mommy: (completely confused) What do you mean? Yes He did.

Hannah: No He didn't. "The 12th apostles Judas made". God made everyone else but Judas made the 12th apostle.

((if you don't get it go to the top and read the lyrics to the song))

Mommy: (doing everything she can not to laugh out loud) No. The song is using the word "made" in a funny way. Remember that before Justus was born the Doughtie family only had 3 people in it - me, you and Daddy?

Hannah: yes

Mommy: Well when Justus was born he "made" the Doughtie family 4 but God still made him.

Hannah: (thoughtful look) yeah...

Mommy: Well in the song there were only 11 apostles until they said Judas and so Judas "made" the apostles 12 but God still made Judas and everyone else...

Long Thoughtful Pause

Hannah: I think I know what you mean...

Whew! That was a crazy one! Cracked Me Up! :-)


Betty said...

You handled that so well and Hannah and Justus are SO SMART! Love, hugs, and kisses to all!

Carrie Mc said...

I love that kids can be so literal about things. Funny!