Wednesday, May 23, 2012


Justus comes in the room wearing a cowboy hat.
I say "Howdy Partner!"

He looks a little upset and says
"No Mommy, I am a Prince!"

I apologetically say " I am very sorry Handsome Prince."

I then look up and Katy comes in dressed up in a dress.
I say "You look very beautiful Princess."

She grins shyly and Justus says
"Yes we are getting married."

Katy with a big smile says
"We are getting married just for real.... giggle giggle..... I mean just for pretend."

I then insist on a picture!!  :)


JoniDH said...

Aren't they sweet! I would love to be there to hug and kiss them.

jennifer said...

I better keep my eye on that prince and a short leash on the princess :)

Betty said...

Precious! handsome prince (in a cowboy hat) and beautiful princess!