Thursday, March 11, 2010

Hannah Conversations

My aunt gave us this beautiful tile with this wonderful saying on it for Christmas. Chris and I decided that the bathroom counter was the perfect place for us to put it and see it every morning and every evening.The first time Hannah walked in and saw it. She stopped, turned, scrunched her nose up, pointed her pointer finger, but did not outstretch her arm, and said...

"Why did you put a list in your bathroom up there?"

I have no idea why my child would know anything about a list or putting up lists or having lists or anything. She is just 3. How could she know about something like that?

You know how when a child has to go to the bathroom, and someone is using it at the moment, you always look at the child and ask them if they can "hold it?" Well I think this is where this one comes from...

I am leaving her room after telling her goodnight and she is still trying to talk to me and ask me crazy questions just to stall a little. I tell her that we are finished talking and it is now time to go night night... She whines "But Mommy, I can't hold my talker." And continues to ask the very non-important question she was asking.

Hannah is asking for a snack 30 minutes before supper and 45 minutes since her last snack and I tell her no, of course. She then whines "But Mommy, I can't hold my hunger." ((Trust me on this - she is NOT starving!))

On Sunday morning Hannah and I are in mine and Chris' room. We are about to go downstairs to start breakfast. Hannah gives Chris sweet kisses to wake him up and we tell him to go get Justus and come downstairs.

As Hannah and I are eating breakfast we see no sign of the boys and hear nothing upstairs. I told Hannah that Daddy might not have gotten up yet and she says, "I think Daddy's breath told him to go back to sleep."

(Sorry Chris, had to record that one!)

Hannah comes up to me with a play back pack full of stuff and this is the conversation we had:

H: I have to take this backpack today. I packed it so I am ready for the judgment.
Me: The judgment? When will it be?
H: In a couple of weeks. I am ready.
Me: *moment of silent thought* What is the judgment?
H: *blank look* (opens it up to show pretend food) I put food and milk in so I don't get hungry or thirsty on the judgment day.
Me: Who told you about the judgment day?
H: (looks at me like I am crazy for not knowing) Mr CW! (she says the first and last name of our song leader) In his song.
Me: (I am starting to understand) What song?
H: You know it.
Me: Sing it for me.
H: Will you sing it please, Mommy?
Me: (I, of course, at that moment can not think of the words so I start to humm it.)
H: *singing* Are... You... Ready? Are... You.... Ready? Are you ready for the judgment day?
Me: Oh Yeah! I know that song.
H: I am going to be ready.

Humbling isn't it? I better make sure I am ready. I don't, however, think that Hannah is going to be hungry or thirsty on that day - do you?


Wendy said...

Wow!!! Hannah is a BIG teacher and a little package!!! Of course I am talking about the backpack conversation. Thanks Hannah!!!
I want to be ready like you!!!
Love You,
Aunt Wendy

Grandmom said...

I want to be ready for that GREAT day too, Hannah. Love you so much smart girl!!!

dgayle said...

I have chills and tears with the last one and this just proves what I told you last night about you and Chris --- it all goes back to the parents. I adore the funny stories, too.

JoniDH said...

My precious, precious Hannah bear - - -
Matthew 18:3
And said, Verily I say unto you, Except ye be converted, and become as little children, ye shall not enter into the kingdom of heaven.

You are one of my most precious inspirations and sources of pure delight!!

I Love You, Baby Girl!


Wendy said...

I wanted to copy and paste a comment that my friend LaNell and fan of CMDFamily emailed me about this posting.
I am in awe over Hannah everyday….. but today with the back pack for sure !!!! love it.

LaNell Alphin

Daniel and Melissa said...

I'm glad to now be following your blog! What great stories you have shared, especially the last!

Julie said...

Okay, now you made me cry. What a sweet, wise little girl. That is my life lesson for the month. I want to be ready too Hannah!

Love your Matt 18:3 reminder too Joni!

So glad you are saving and writing all these memories down. These are the times I love the internet!