Monday, March 8, 2010

Simple Hospitality

Here are a few quotes from the book some girl friends and I are reading together....
(Simple Hospitality by Jane Jarrell)

* Hospitality is sowing seeds of kindness toward others, no matter where you find them.

* Sharing and ministry together mean "enjoying others as an act of service," the very cornerstone of hospitality.

* Your ministry is your service to believers and your mission is your service to unbelievers.

* Good intentions coupled with lack of action are a recipe for doing nothing. (I fall into this recipe all too often!)

* On the day of the event, take a few moments in the morning to pray for your dinner party or special occasion. Pray for each guest who will be attending. Pray for peace in your own spirit, and watch this same peace spill over into your household.

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JoniDH said...

You put the last one for me, didn't you?

I Love You!