Monday, August 30, 2010

Our Sunday Pictures

Sorry So Late!!

2 problems:

#1 - I can not get Justus to stop saying "cheeeese" when I say smile.

#2 - I can not get Hannah to stop tilting her head to the side when I say smile.

It all just cracks me up.


Wendy said...

well...Hannah has a natural model stance and Justus found his words...
Sounds perfectly normal to me.

Aunt Wendy

JoniDH said...

LOVE the apple dress, Hannah!
Glad you got that itch, Justus!
I love ALL Sunday pictures of my beautiful grandchildren!

JoniDH said...

I said that about the itch because I thought Justus was scratching his leg in the that I look back, maybe he was just interested in his pocket! Either way, still love the pictures!