Thursday, May 5, 2011

Easter Eve

The afternoon/evening before Easter we had some friends invite us over for grilling out, playing, hiding and dying Easter eggs.

(We forgot our camera so I had to "steal" these from Alaina - thank you Alaina!)Thank You, Alaina and Phillip for inviting us over for all the fun!
What is a little sentimental about these moments is that the wives of all three families that were there (me, Alaina, and Sara Jo) have all been friends since elementary school. Seeing all of our children play together was very fun, odd, wonderful, surreal, beautiful, and sweet. It was quite a lovely evening! :-)


Joni said...

A very cute bunch of kids!

Wendy said...

I know right? i have a picture SOMEWHERE of you, Alaina, and Sara Jo all dressed up like Hippies one Halloween. And now...look at the babies!!!
Love it!!