Thursday, June 23, 2011

Happy Birthday Hannah!

5 years ago today at 4pm we were holding Hannah for the first time in our arms.
(mainly Chris because I felt way too drugged up to hold her.)

Boy has our life changed since then.

Thank you Hannah for coming along and changing our lives.
You are a part of us and we love you so so much!

1st Birthday
2nd Birthday
3rd Birthday
4th Birthday
(how did I not get a cake eating pic?)
One picture from each of the last 12 months.
My how she has grown right before our eyes.
Happy Birthday Baby Girl!
(Party Pictures should come soon!)


Wendy said...

WOW!!! You have grown up so fast!!!
Happy Birthday Hannah Banana Baby !!!

Love you

LaNell Alphin said...

Hope Hannah had an awesome birthday. She is a very sweet girl. You and Chris are doing a great job with both of them !!! love the blog, makes me days !