Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Water Day!

Today we had water day at the CMD House since I was keeping four extra children. It rained a little and that actually made for the perfect water day. Hot with sprinkles coming down and water to play in. They loved it and I loved watching it.

OF Course there are pictures!

Here are some close-up friends pictures:here hannah is licking snot and justus is yelling cheeeeeeeeese.
oh my - these two are a mess.

Here are some fun play pictures. Don't look too close, you might just laugh and laugh and laugh!:who would you be more afriad of getting pounced by? justus? or willa? does ellie even know what is about to happen?

Here are some semi-artsy pictures. Not everyone was standing still to get some of these!:there is something I really like about this picture of Hannah. this is her serious face. she was helping me fill up the pool with water and she took her job very seriously.

Here is a testimony to the fact that they did not hear me when I told them we were having water day and not mud day:FUN Times had by ALL for sure!


JoniDH said...

Any questions why summer is the BEST?

Wendy said...

snotty cheese picture is my absolute favorite....