Monday, August 6, 2012

A Mommy Moment

SO, I had a Mommy Moment.

A bunch of kids around here (including some wonderful christian girls in our congregation) have been putting little streaks of color in their hair.  I really didn't think anything about it...

until Hannah asked one of the girls a little older than her that she LOVES how she did it.  The little girl said Kool-aide and that her Mom did it.  Hannah then asked me to ask her mom how to do it because she wanted one.  Sigh.

I said I would try to remember and then I honestly didn't think another thing about it - thinking that Hannah would just forget.

WELL, Hannah didn't forget.  :)

I talked to Chris and I went thru all my Mommy Worries and Chris and I finally had to ask ourselves some questions:

Is is permanent?  NO
Is this immoral or illegal?  NO
Would this (to those we could influence) put her in a "category" (whether we like it or not - they are out there) that is not good?  NO
Is this a battle we want to spend our efforts on fighting and making a big deal of?  NO

SO - here it is.  Her pink streak!  :)

First you decide what hair you want pink and put up the rest.
Second you boil water, put it in a small cup, and mix in a packet of Kool-Aide of the color of your choice.
Third, you put the piece of hair you want colored in the cup.
We did it for 5 minutes and then Hannah wanted to make sure it would work so she decided we should do it for another 5 minutes.  ((I think because of this it has stayed in a bit longer than expected.))
Next you take it out and dry it REALLY good so that it doesn't drip on anything you don't want stained.
 Then you put it up in a ponytail and look at your cool colored streak!  :)

 We did this right after lunch.
So that it would not get on her bedding we did a bath right after supper and made sure it was dry before going to bed.  AND I think I still made her sleep with a towel on her pillow that first night... but NO problems and she thinks it is SO fun.  
It is fading now and she hasn't asked to do it again.  
I have to admit - I think it is kinda cute!

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