Wednesday, August 15, 2012


Justus:  How did God fix everything?
Mommy:  I guess I don't really know exactly.
Hannah:  Yeah 'cause He did a really good job!

Chris and his dad (Poppa) are putting a ceiling fan up in Justus' room.  Justus doesn't know it!
Mommy:  (whispering)  Justus, go into your room and see what Daddy and Poppa are doing.
Justus:  (smiling as he starts walking to his room) ok...
Justus RUNS full speed out of his room and back to me!
Justus:  (as fast as he can talk while he is half panting from the run) Mommy!  Mommy!  Daddy and Poppa are making a fan on my sky!!!!!


Grandmom said...

Oh....another one of Justus' sweet ones. He has alot of thise, But so does Hannah. Love you 4.

JoniDH said...

Yeah, He did a really.good job on those two, too!