Tuesday, March 11, 2008

This Weekend, Our Lives Changed

At school for their naps, this is the way the schedule goes: The kids eat lunch, The kids get on their cots and read books while the teachers clean up from lunch, Then lights out and the kids take their naps on their cots.

This past Saturday I sat Hannah in the twin bed in her room and let her read some books before nap time. I went and put on some laundry and cleaned up her toys and when I came back I asked her if she wanted to sleep there in a big girl bed. She said yes, laid down and went to sleep.

She has been in a big girl bed ever since. Unfortunately, we have not had the pleasure that some of you had for a little while with her not knowing she can get out of the bed. Sunday morning, Hannah busts into our room and says "Morning!"

What Fun!!


Sara Jo said...

she looks like she enjoys sleep as much as you!!!!

JoniDH said...

Hannah, what a big girl you are sleeping in a big girl bed! You look so sweet! I Love You! Nannah

bettyd said...

That picture makes me want to hug and squeeze her. I'm proud of you Hannah!

Libby said...

How sweet! I can't believe she's in a big girl bed. I'm glad that was an easy transition.