Monday, May 3, 2010

Conversation with Hannah

Daddy is outside putting gas in the car.

Hannah: Mommy, is God and money the same thing?
Me: No!
Hannah: Does God dress up like money?
Me: No.
Hannah: Is God for real or just for pretend?
Me: God Is Real!!
Hannah: When are we going to see God?
Me: I don't know. Soon.

Daddy gets back in the car. I tell him, quietly, about the conversation and that I should have told her that you can see God everywhere and that I can't believe that I didn't say the right thing.

Daddy: Hannah, can you see those trees over there?
Hannah: Yes.
Daddy: God made those trees so you know He is real and you can see Him in those trees.
Hannah: I don't see God in the trees over there.
Daddy: The trees tell you that He exists because He made them.
Hannah: (silence)
Me: (whispers) "for real" not "exists"
Daddy: Because you know God made the trees you know He is for real.
Hannah: Is Jesus for real or for pretend?
Daddy: Jesus is God's son and they are both for real!
Hannah: Oh.


JoniDH said... glad Hannah has such awesome parents that try to help her with these concepts. I have a feeling Justus is learning from these conversations, too. Love You!

JoniDH said...

Oh, and love the picture of the Silly Bands one girl band!

Wendy said...

I love her!!!

Wendy said...

Can I just add...she looks like an awesome hippie chick in the making!!!!