Thursday, May 6, 2010

Growing Up

Justus is amazing me more and more each day. You all may think these stories are boring but they just amazed me.

Justus and Hannah are sitting at the table eating breakfast across from each other. Hannah said "Justus, come sit beside me." Justus slides his plate over to the seat next to Hannah, slides off of his seat, goes over and gets into the chair by Hannah. Hannah just smiled and said HI. Justus kept on eating.

Justus went to the back door and asked to go outside saying/signing "outside please." I told him we needed to find his shoes. He starts looking in the living room and I tell him, as I am in the kitchen in the middle of doing something, that his shoes are in his room and we will have to go up and get them. He says "OH!" He goes up the stairs, goes to his room, gets his shoes, comes back downstairs, and hands me the shoes saying "shoes."

I can not believe how much he is understanding. It is all just SO Amazing!


JoniDH said...

Amazing boy - amazing family!

I am missing you all SO much.....

Love You!

dgayle said...

and it looks like he is holding a camera!!!
They are so special because they have sepcial parents.

Wendy said...

What a big boy!!!!!
Hey...that's my camera!!!! LOL

Love you