Friday, May 21, 2010


Recently Hannah has happened to notice that at certain events there are people wearing "flowers on their shirt."

For example:
  • We had a Sunday where we honored our minister's 50 years of preaching and he wore a corsage. Hannah noticed and asked about it.
  • I was in charge of a wedding shower and, of course, our team got a corsage for the soon-to-be-wife. Hannah was there and noticed and asked about it.
  • She noticed in a picture of Chris and I at our wedding that Chris was wearing a corsage and asked about it.
One of the things that Chris and I have been trying to do with our children is use Bible words in every day life so that when they can read the Bible for themselves these words are not so foreign to them. For example we ask them to "obey" instead of "mind" us or we ask them to have "patience" instead of "waiting". SO, when I was trying to explain the corsage thing I chose to use the word honor and explain that it was that person's special day.

(( Of course, this means that when we went to a 1 year old's birthday party and I was explaining that it was HER day and not Hannah or Justus' day, she asked if the 1 year old would have a flower on her shirt... he he! ))

Anyway, I said all that to say that on Sunday when she put on her dress.....
She looked in the mirror, her eyes got big, and she asked "are you honoring me today?" :-) See the flower on her dress? Boy, she doesn't miss a thing, does she? Silly Girl!

Don't be surprised if she asks for a corsage at her birthday party since we will be honoring HER that day. :-)

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JoniDH said...

I LOVE this story - and I love the idea of using Bible "terms" for teaching. You should write a book about this - I think a lot of Christian parents would love this concept.

Anyway, Hannah, I honor you every day and Nannah will MAKE SURE you have a corsage for your birthday!!

Great parenting and great kids!

I Love you ALL!