Monday, February 7, 2011

Our Sunday Pictures

I know these are blurry but ....
I was sick and didn't go to worship Sunday morning.
I left the camera at school on Thursday and had not been back to pick it up.
Chris was WONDERFUL and took these with his phone so we wouldn't miss a week!

OH well. This is what Sunday pictures are all about - remembering each week - no matter what! :-)


JoniDH said...

I think they are great - did you straighten H's hair?

Love the one with J's mouth open.

Sorry you were sick - thanks Chris for stepping in!

Wendy said...

Awesome job Mr. Photographer....
Justus looks like he is surprised with his mouth open. haha
and I was thinking the same thing about Hannah's hair.
Did you straighten it? I love it! It's so pretty.
love you

Wendy said...

i just noticed...Hannah doesn't have shoes on.

Mindy said...

Hannah did go to worship with shoes on. I did not straighten her hair - I didn't even get out of bed before they left. Chris gave them a bath the night before and just combed it really good. AND he let her go to worship with nothing in her hair. She was SO excited. I like it better away from her face.. when she gets older she will have plenty of time to wear it with nothing in it. :-)

Betty said...

Chris, you are awesome! Love the pictures. Hope you are feeling better Mindy.