Thursday, February 10, 2011

Shh! Babies are Sleeping!

Oh - you don't have to tell me..
I know they are not babies for real, but they are mine and Chris' babies and that will always be the case. No more discussion about it! :-)

Every night before I go to bed I go into Hannah's and Justus' room and I look at them, kiss their cheek, and sometimes straighten them up or cover them up. Just about every night I say that I wish I had a picture of them sleeping because I love looking at their peaceful sleeping faces so much.

Well, last week I decided I would do just that and hope it didn't wake them up.

It didn't.
And I'm glad I did it.
How Sweet They Are.


JoniDH said...

How sweet! It makes me want to be there to kiss those sweet cheeks! I love those babies!

Wendy said...

so so so sweeeet!!!