Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Valentine's Dates

So, Chris and I have never been very big on Vlentine's Day. It just seems it is a day where everything costs more to be romantic. Kinda weird.

I think we started a new tradition. We decided to do Kid Date Night for Valentine's Day. Hannah and Daddy went out on a date and Justus and I went out on a date.

Hannah put on a special Valentine's Day outfit and I let her wear one of my necklaces. She was feeling so pretty for her date with Daddy!
Chris made Hannah's date very special.
He came home with a single rose for her that he put in a vase and in her room for her to see every day. Then he took her to get her fingernails painted.Then they met up with me and Justus at McDonalds for an ice cream.

Mine and Justus' date was not quite as extravagant. I took Justus to the mall and let him pick where he wanted to eat at the food court. He chose Chick Fil A. Then we went to the play area and he got to play there for a little while.

Finally, we met up with Chris and Hannah at McDonald's for an ice cream.



JoniDH said...

Sounds like a VERY Happy Valentine's Day for ALL! Love the tradition and the pictures!

Betty said...

What a great idea! Great pictures of the happy CMD Family.

Wendy Worley said...

Great idea! Tracy & I don't do the Valentine's date thing either. We do it through out the year, so why spend all the extra cost for that one day?

Wendy said...

very NICE!!! sounds like a GREAT tradition!!!