Sunday, July 17, 2011

And They Can Swim

If you live anywhere near Camp Nickajack I highly recommend it!! Even if you have to drive a little it is awesome! You can pretty much be guaranteed they will be swimming by the end of the week. As a matter of fact - they were jumping off the diving board on day 2! Amazing.

Mr Bert (Hannah and Justus' teacher) has been doing this for many years and is fantastic!

On Friday (the last day of the swim lessons) they do a little "swim show" for all the parents. It is the first time the parents get to even see the pool.

I suppose, so they don't have to remember so many real names, they give everyone nicknames. Remembering 12 nicknames is probably easier that remembering 36 real names. SO, Hannah was Mermaid and Justus was Shark. The kids think it is great and LOVE having Mr Bert call them their nicknames.

One night I said to Justus "Good Night my little shark" and he laughed and he said "I'm not shark. Mr Bert is not here!" Hilarious!

On the first day Chris asked Hannah in a very surprised voice "YOU put your face IN the water?" She looked at him with big eyes and said "We Have To!" I can't get over it. SO funny!

Notice in this one they are jumping off the diving board in 9 feet of water.
Hannah is better than I ever thought she would be this summer. It is amazing!

Did you see how Justus was "jumping" waiting for Mr Bert to tell him to go? Justus never went before he was told to, but he always was jumping anxiously waiting for his turn. It was hilarious!

Here they are jumping into 5 feet deep water where neither can touch. Mr Bert liked how Hannah would jump out so much. One of Justus' things that we have to work on is that he wants to jump in vertically not horizontally.

Please also note the jig Justus does waiting for his turn. Makes me laugh every time.


Grandmom said...

Scares me, but so happy they can swim. Make sure they know the other safety things they should know. Will mommy take lesson next year?

Betty said...

YEAH!!!!!!! So proud of both of them! Can't wait to swim with them.

Wendy said...

Yay!!! I am so proud of both guppies!!!

Love you

Carrie Mc said...

Oh my goodness. They did so good. Abbey loved her swim lessons, but she wasn't that advanced. They still jumped with the floatie. Great job, water monkeys!