Friday, July 29, 2011

Let's Go Fishing

While we were at my parents house near the 4th of July a friend of theirs that has a farm invited us out for some finger foods, fellowship, and fireworks.

We hung out near a lake/pond and Chris was pretty excited that they had some fishing poles. Justus was excited too... Until it actually came catching the fish. hehe! Hannah liked watching but did not want to get near one. It was kinda funny.
I took the beautiful scenery opportunity to try to get some pretty pictures. I got a few but there is one thing for sure - - - I am NOT a photographer! :-)


Betty said...

Beautiful, great pictures! (of beautiful people, too!) Love to all.

Grandmom said...

You've got some beautiful shots~~Keep practicing. And of course you subject matter is the best.
Love you 4

Wendy said...

You took some great pics!!!
Love them!!!