Saturday, October 20, 2007


I have not been my regular blogging self lately. Blogging is my lazy scrap book and the thing that is MY time in the evenings so I have been missing it but things have been so so busy this week. Because of some restructuring at work I have been traveling a lot this week (this won't be normal) but I had to cover for some others this time. I have been in 5 different airports, in 5 different cities, in 5 different states within the last week. Crazy Life, however, I have found airports and airplanes very intriguing.

Airport / Airplane Observations:
  • If you thought that any style was "out" go to an airport and people watch. You will see all the styles of dress that you thought no one did any more. I was a little embarrassed for a couple of people.
  • I look at people's shoes. AND I saw every color shoe you could think of.
  • You walk barefoot on the same part of a floor that, literally, thousands of others have walked before.
  • Every emotion that you could think of, you could find in an airport.
  • Airports, despite what has happened in the past, are probably one of the safest places to be with all the security now.
  • Every class of people and every type of culture can be found under one roof.
  • You overhear and engage in more conversations with strangers than ever.
  • You sit closer to a stranger on a plane than you would ever choose to anywhere else.
  • Because of the close quarters and the smell of alcoholic beverages, I think alcoholic beverages should not be served on the plane. It is gross.
  • People walking around the airport casually drinking a beer makes me feel weird.
  • Love Field Airport in Dallas needs to invest in some signage.
  • For some reason, with all the people in one place, I feel like I should always see someone I know, but I never do.

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