Sunday, October 14, 2007

Vacation - Fun Stuff

I just cracked up at this smile Hannah was giving me behind her Daddy's back!

Nana and Hannah painted their toenails. Painted toenails look so funny on toes that little.

Hannah's first "real" ponytail.

I think she kept wondering when we would be done shopping. Those questioning eyes kept looking up at me.

Of course, even on vacation we have to have our Sunday picture. Papa Joe was lucky enough to be in this one. What do you think of our balcony view... Isn't it beautiful?

To me, her hair looks so grown up here.

Have I told you lately that Hannah still likes Macaroni and Cheese?

We got worried about Hannah's scalp getting burned and I didn't want to put suntan lotion in her hair so we got her this hat. It took her a little bit but she got use to it.

She thought she was SO big "holding on" in the elevator all by herself!

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bettyd said...

Love the pictures! Looks like everyone enjoyed vacation. Can't wait to see more!