Tuesday, October 2, 2007


Hannah has been going to softball games pretty regularly since April or May to watch her Daddy play ball. (Definitely weekly for the last month or so.) And finally, tonight, I remember my camera and I remembered to take pictures! She really likes being outside so I think she loves it.

She is showing me the rocks!!

Hannah giving Daddy a Good Luck Kiss before he goes to bat.

She is telling the batters which bat they should pick as they are going out to bat. She is very into the game.

Hannah and Chloe playing.

I think this is the look that I get when she is ready for me to stop asking her to smile or "show me her teeth." She wasn't in the mood, apparently, tonight.


JoniDH said...

She is just so cute! I love the kiss picture - how can you not feel lucky after that?

bettyd said...

Such sweet pictures. Memories! Poppa Bob played for two teams (Church and DOT), so we spent a lot of time at ball fields. Melissa and Chris would play with their friends. There were times when we would leave the field and not know who was the dirtiest - Poppa Bob from being in the game, or Chris and Melissa - especially Chris!

Keith said...

So, (this is for Libby too) what happened during the game? Any idea? More talking than watching, huh?

Mindy said...

Oh Yes, I forgot a very important detail. We won!!! Both Games!!!

thejohnstons said...

What team is Chris on? That doesn't look like Southern Hills? I think I've discovered a softball trader. I will inform the proper authorities.