Sunday, October 21, 2007

Sunday Pictures

This is last Sunday and this Sunday.

Last Sunday we were running late, for a number of reasons, and I brought the camera to the car. I never thought I would get a great picture in the car but as soon as Hannah saw the camera she started to try to smile and would even repeat me when I said "cheese". It was great. She has never smiled on her on for pictures before. (By the way, she does have a dress on and it is not very short. Car seats do nothing for trying to sit lady like.)

She did it again today and so I had to catch some moments. The only problem with the smiles she does on her own when she sees the camera is that some of the faces don't look like smiles AND she does them very quickly and then gets right back to her other busy work of .... whatever it is that one year old's are busy with.

Hannah is hilarious.

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JoniDH said...

I'm so glad I brought you that green dress - it looks just right - it was an 18 month, right? Her hair looks cute! She is adding so many new words now, I can't keep up with it - - - - "cheese"!