Wednesday, January 13, 2010

At Nannah & Papa Joe's

Our children are blessed beyond belief. Here is the first of many "Christmas'" celebrated after the actual Christmas day.

Nannah and Papa Joe loving all the noise in their house. Really. I am pretty sure they loved it. I think. hummmm.... :-)

Trying to get some good pictures by the tree. You think the kids were in to it? They really just wanted to be silly...

Justus loving the Mickey Mouse ornament.

Hannah being a big helper. Putting the candy canes on the tree and then being the elf helping Papa with the presents.

Very Exciting!!

This is a precious book. Hannah may be a little young for it right now but I think it will be a blessing to her in the next couple of years. Penny's Christmas Jar Miracle by Jason F Wright.

I don't need this string - I will just carry the dog around!

SO! So What!!
I am excited about a view finder and an Adidas outfit.

He really does like to sit down and look at a book every once in a while.
(For about 45 seconds.)

The kids loved the hand-me-down toys. They played with them so much. That use to be my Fisher Price airplane and my Strawberry Shortcake doll. The plane has a date on it of 1980. How Funny.


Betty said...

You did a great job capturing their fun and happiness. Yes, these are blessed children, precious, beautiful, loving blessed children! We love and miss you all!

Libby said...

I cannot get over Justus' haircut! He looks so big! And Hannah looks just like you in that last picture.

Carrie Mc said...

What a wonderful Christmas!

Over here, it's me said...

What noise? I heard toddler music! Loved every minute.

Papa Joe

Wendy said...

I love the pictures!!!!
Love you,
Aunt Wendy