Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Teaching All The Time

Do any of you know my mom?
Well, you should

Do any of you know how brilliant my mom is?
Well, she is.

Do any of you know about me and my mom?
Explore that at your own risk!

Do any of you know how we communicate?
Well, we try to communicate in every way possible. Email, Phone, Blog, Facebook, Snail Mail, In Person (preferred), Text (if she had it on her phone), WHATEVER!

Well, because she is brilliant, and because we like to communicate, we started a new blog together.

She teaches 2nd and 3rd grade for the church.
I teach 2 year olds for the church.
I am a part of teaching at a Day School that is in our church building.
I have all her old teaching supplies here, and she is 7 hours drive away.

SO, we found ourselves trying to get ideas from each other, and wanting to know what the other is doing in their classes. We would also sit on the phone and try to remember what we did for a certain lesson a few months ago or what someone else said we should do for a class and wanted to share or.... whatever.

This blog (Teaching All The Time) is a way for both of us to put some lesson plans and ideas in one place and we will be able to search it any time and get ideas all the time. I am really excited about it.

Check it out if you want. Take the ideas for your class. Let me know some ideas you might have and we can share them. Please Know! These are not all our original ideas and we do try to give credit where credit is due!

Have Fun!


JoniDH said...

Thanks for the compliments! You're quite awesome yourself! I just love having a place to preserve our ideas. Can't wait to see more of your pre-school projects! I Love You!

Sara Jo said...

Top 5 things I know about Mindy & Mama Joni
1. They laugh until they cry
2. They love passionately
3. They are strong women of faith
4. They both love to sleep
5. They are best friends

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