Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Be Brave

Hannah got her teeth cleaned at the dentist for the first time today. I think she was pretty brave and good - considering.

Let me tell you, though, she can talk a BIG game..... but she got upset when the time really came.

She did do good enough to get her Cinderella tooth brush and a big hug from Dr Swang. Next time will be even easier - I know it!


dgayle said...

Way to go Hannah! You are brave.

JoniDH said...

Good job, Hannah! Nannah is very proud of you!!

Wendy said...

I am proud of you Hannah!!! Did they count your teeth? How cool that you got a Cinderella toothbrush!!!

Love you,
Aunt Wendy

Betty said...

So proud of you Hannah! You look so pretty and like a princess in Daddy's lap! You'll need to show me your new toothbrush. Love to all!

Grandmom said...

I'm so proud of you, Hannah. I worked in dental offices for 21 years. You'll have to let me tell you about it. Better still get mommy to tell you about goiing to work with Grandmom.