Monday, January 11, 2010

Christmas Morning

With so many Christmas' and so many pictures, I get a little overwhelmed. I use this blog to remember moments and so I want to put Christmas pictures on here but to choose is so overwhelming to me and sometimes I even dread it - even though I want to do it. Does that make any sense??

SO, anyway, here I am, finally doing it, still not sure this was all I wanted to put or say but I have some pictures of things that I want to remember, even if every picture is not the "prettiest" of everyone!

It was such a fun morning.So, Hannah is in to Tinkerbell. And Dora. And loves Cinderella. This is funny to me. She does not even know who Tinkerbell really is. She has never seen Peter Pan. She has never seen Cinderella. We don't have the channel that Dora comes on but after she liked her so much we finally got her a video. It is so amazing to me where kids pick up all these things. These PJs were a BIG hit. They are so cute.
I love that Hannah can really listen and follow directions very well now. ((I am not saying she always does - I am just saying she can.)) And so Hannah became a pro at holding things under her chin so I could get a picture. It was great!
Hilarious story. Chris opens up a wonderful gift from my grandparents and it is a Greek Bible. Chris puts it in a pile and gets back to taking pictures and helping the kids. Well, Justus marched right over to the stack, gets the Greek Bible and walks halfway across the room where things are not so busy, sits right down and starts to "read" it. We could not believe it. He might have a little preacher in him - watch out!
I have a few pictures with this expression. I could never get one that really captured what he was doing. He is happy - despite what you may think. In real life it looked like a smile. When he would see the box that he was opening - he would gasp and look up and smile. He was a very thankful and gracious recipient of presents and I don' think he even knew it. I thought it was actually pretty beautiful.
This picture is funny to me. Hannah is trying hard to wait patiently as Justus opens his presents. Usually the pieces he tore off were not this big so waiting was a normal thing while Justus was opening his presents. Don't think that the next pictures were not Hannah helping to move Justus along in the process. he he!
Hannah was so excited that they both got chairs to sit in when we go watch Daddy play softball. I was actually pretty excited too. This means they don't beg for my chair!! Yippeee!
This picture cracks me up. Things had settled down a bit and Chris and I look over and see Hannah playing with Justus' toy and Justus playing with Hannah's toy. Both just as happy as they can be. Hilarious.
Hannah was so funny, she came down the stairs, saw the Barbies in her stocking and totally ran right past the big car sitting there for her. When we told her to look she turned around and it was so obvious that she never even saw it. She gasped and ran and got in!
Look closely at these last two pictures. Do you see these phones? These phones are gold in this house. No other play cell phone will do. I think I might start a new rule that they always have to stay together because I can NOT handle the drama that comes along with only one of them having one. It is awful! ((I think they were $2.99!))

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JoniDH said...

What a wonderful collection of pictures and memories. The glimpes of Mommy and Daddy are pretty wonderful too. The kids were so fun this year. Both are very appreciative and sweet. Justus' gasp of delight at everything is precious - (reminds me of his Mommy when she was little). I think we all have stories of being so caught up in the moment, running right past a surprise and not even seeing it. Thanks for sharing. Love you all SO much!