Saturday, April 17, 2010

FireFighter Day

March is the month of Community Helpers at the Day School that the kids go to (and I teach at). Because of a lot of crazy circumstances of the day we ended up seeing the fireman outside.

It was a hot and sunny day but it was lots of fun.

Hannah's teacher won the race to see which teacher could get the fireman's gear on first. She Loved That!

She is real "weird" about anyone who is "dressing up." The fireman talked about how if they ever see a fireman in all their gear to remember they are just a man or woman (a daddy or mommy) underneath and never to hide from them. After thinking about that I really am worried that Hannah would hide from them if she ever saw them. We have talked a lot about it...

All in All is was a really fun great day!

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JoniDH said...

Yeah Mrs Shanna!!!!

Cute pictures of the glasses and the fireman hat! She's such a cool chick!