Sunday, April 18, 2010

Our Sunday Pictures


Joni said...

OHHH!!!!!! Justus, what a handsome little man you are! I LOVE you in your suit! I wish I was there to hug & kiss on you! I bet you were THE MAN yesterday at church!

Hannah, you are breathtaking as always. Love that sweet, precious expressive face that I love to kiss all over!

THANKS for the great Mommy Daddy picture, too!

Beautiful Family, I miss you & love you all.

Betty said...

Oh my, oh my! A beautiful Mommy and Daddy picture, and great pics of cute, precious, dressed-up Hannah and Justus! Beautiful Hannah and handsome Justus. Love these pics! (Yes, Joni, he must have been "the man".)

JoniDH said...

I was admiring the pictures again and didn't notice Justus' hand in his pocket the first time! How cute!

Wendy said...

Does Justus have his hand in his pocket??? That is soooo adorable. Hannah, your smile made me smile. Love you.
Aunt Wendy