Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Our Sunday Pictures (April 4th)

Hannah was so so excited that she matched her Daddy on Easter morning!


JoniDH said...

(I left a comment but it's not here.....trying again!)

I am SO happy, happy, happy to see a post again. I love, love, love the Easter pictures! Can't decide on my favorites but I love the one of Justus by the tree looking down. And I love the Hannah/Daddy one with their matching green! Where's Mommy?

I love you all so much!

Did I say how happy I am that your blogger problem is mixed and you are back to blogging? Keep 'em coming!

JoniDH said...

I mean your problem is FIXED!

Betty said...

Ditto everything! So happy to have the pictures back on the blog!!! Love the Easter pictures, all of them, and wish there was one of Mommy.

Wendy said...

YIPPPPEEEEE!!!!! LOVE the Easter Sunday Pictures and LOVE that the blog is back in motion!!!