Thursday, September 16, 2010


I have been finished with The Time Traveler's Wife for a while now - I am just very behind on my blog. This book was good, however, you have to trust the author a great deal. There are A LOT of time and place and age differences in the book and if you try to go back and calculate and be sure you see it all straight at every moment you will drive yourself crazy!

Read it and trust it and it will all be good.

It is interesting. There are a few moral dilemmas discussed that were interesting, however would never really come in real life. There is quite some foul language in it - be ware!

I watched the movie after I read it and it was good. It left out, at least, 2 major (in my opinion) characters, one of which was one of my favorites. There is NO way that everything could be put in a movie in any kind of good way though so I guess I understand.

SO, moving on. I am now going to start reading a book that is really a compilation of 5 books called The Lineage of Grace by Francine Rivers. The 5 books are:
  • Unveiled - about Tamar
  • Unashamed - about Rahab
  • Unshaken - about Ruth
  • Unspoken - about Bathsheba
  • Unafraid - about Mary
I plan to read about each person from the Bible first and then read these books. It may take me a while since I am not finding the time I really want to read lately but I think this will be a neat study.

I will let you know how it goes.


JoniDH said...

Upcoming Marco Island trip may help with reading time : )

Grandmom said...

Yes Nicholas Sparks' new book is out "Safe Haven". Good vacatiion read.

Mindy said...

NO NO! The Foul language was in The Time Travelers Wife - - - NOT the Francine Rivers book!!

Yes! I am looking forward to Nicholas Sparks' new book.

Wendy said...

Would love to read after you!