Sunday, September 26, 2010

Our Sunday Pictures

Thanks for the pictures Daddy and Poppa Bob!


JoniDH said...

Rockin' Pictures, guys!
Love You!

Grandmom said...

How sweet! Hannah is growing up too fast and Justus seems to have grown up over night just for his second birthday. I love the rocking chair pictures and the fact Justus has discovered pockets. They both look so sweet (pretty outfits.)

Wendy said...

Love it!!! Have you used the chairs like that for Sunday pics before? I like it!!! Hannah looks so pretty and Justus "rocks" the neck tie!!!


Julie said...

Goodness! They are sooo cute! Love the smocked dress...I remember doing the pilgrims and I smocked the two on the right a little tighter, so they were pilgrims that were shorter. Ooops. I love her little hands crossed and Justus with his hand in his pocket...what a little Chris!