Thursday, September 9, 2010

"First" Day of School

I say "first" in quotes because it was really a half day and parents stayed and had a parent meeting. SO, it wasn't really the first real day.


Everyone was so excited. It was a fun fun Sunshine Smile Day!!

Justus really didn't want his picture taken with his backpack on. He wanted to wear his backpack and as you can see - later with just his drink - he was cheeeeseing it wanting his picture taken - but definitely didn't want both at the same time!

Please note (near the end) the picture of the school first timer!! Go Layne!!


JoniDH said...

Sunshiny smiles ready for Sunshine School - makes me smile! Hope everyone has a GREAT year!

Wendy said...

YAY!!! School is Cool!!!!

Love you

Grandmom said...

Hope all will have a great year at school. You both look very happy and ready to go.