Wednesday, September 1, 2010

This Boy

Justus is stealing some hearts. Let. Me. Tell. You!!

He is growing up so so fast. He has the most precious expressions.

He now has a "pout" when he is in trouble and he is trying not to cry.

We went to the fair and he rode every ride we let him ride. BUT he was serious about it. He would smile slightly and want to ride again and obviously liked it, but it was serious. He was not giddy or loud - just smiled. I think he gets this from me. Every time I like something I don't always go crazy. I can smile and say I liked it and am being truthful without jumping up and down for great joy!!

His words are getting better. He is still not saying the letter s or r very well. And he still loves the letter k sound.

For Example:
He says "ball" clearly. He says "baby" clearly. However the word banana is "kickynanna." It cracks me up.

When I let him talk on the phone I tell him to say "goodbye" and "I love you" but he always say "bye bye thank you" instead.

What a crazy little thing.

And what a cutie!!!


Libby said...

He's such a little sweetheart!!

Grandmom said...

Ditto to all those sweet comments. I love the fact he is so loving. I Hope he will keep that trait as he grows up. Just as long as he keeps on loving Grandpop and Grandmom.

JoniDH said...

Oh, he sure has Nannah's heart! How cute he is! Can't wait to see you Mr. Justus!

Wendy said...

kickynanna? I love it. I love fun words. Mollie used to say "kimcumber" for cucumber.
Love you Justus!!!

Mindy said...

Oh, here is the other one I couldn't think of earlier..

He says "Mommy" very clearly. However for Mickey Mouse he says "Kicky Mouse."


Betty said...

Can't help but love everything about you Justus - so sweet. And yes, you stay calm and figure it all out first - great mind at work! Love you Justus!