Sunday, November 14, 2010

Our Sunday Pictures

Yes! It is November.
Yes! November is National Beard Month.
Are you celebrating it? We are. :)


Betty said...

Absolutely beautiful! Such a happy family - I love you all!

Grandmom said...

You know I'll be glad when National Beard month is over. So much more handsome without it!

Wendy said...

Beautiful!!! Embracing beard month!!! WooHoo!!!! Go Chris Go!!!

JoniDH said...

These are GREAT pictures! The backdrop is fall like - everything is just perfect! I've thought about it and I think the Nov beard thing is because it is turning colder and time to grow the winter coat! Beary smart!

Grandmom said...

November beard month is because men need a time they don't have to shave. I'm just hoping Chris will shave it all off when shaving time comes. Remember what I told you Chris --- I like all my men clean shaven beecause it makes you look so neat and clean. Love you grandson!

Wendy said...

Guess Grandmom doesn't like your bad boy image Chris. haha grrr!!