Wednesday, November 17, 2010

REWIND! Justus' 2nd Birthday

The Cake.
Let me tell you... If you live near me I can get you hooked up with the best cake peoples around!! Just ask and I will tell you. The cake looked just as good as it tasted.
The Birthday Boy!
He is pretty serious about gifts!
Play Time!
Cake and Ice Cream - Picnic style!
And Of course...
The special appearance of...
I know I'm behind. You don't have to remind me.


The Dodd Squad said...

So this explains the Mickey Mouse sighting we had several weeks ago. How fun!!!!!

JoniDH said...

It was SO much fun! Justus, you are the cutest thing! Nannah loves you LOTS!

Betty said...

It was a great party! so glad we could be there and help celebrate Justus turning two AND see Hannah play soccer the same weekend! And the cake was delicious and decorated perfectly!

Wendy said...

We had fun!!!