Tuesday, November 30, 2010

REWIND! Our Beach Bum!

When we went on vacation (almost 2 months ago - remember - I am behind!) we found that Hannah was our little beach bum. She wanted to be on the beach from sun up to sun down. loved it. Loved the sand. Loved the water (up to about mid-shin) and loved everything about it. She always chose BEACH when asked where she wanted to go.

When she got out there she was very serious about her beach play time!! :-)

It was great!


Wendy said...

Ahhhh!!!! There she goes!!!! Taking on a little AW love for hippies and the beach.
I am right there with ya Hannah girl. Nothing like the beach!!!
Me and God have lots of good talks at the beach.


JoniDH said...

WOW - Wish I was there with you Hannah Bear - right NOW!!

Betty said...

Glad she's now enjoying the beach - she used to like the pool better!