Friday, May 25, 2007

Favorite Friday

This weeks Favorite Friday is my Favorite Disney Movie. I actually like almost all of the Disney movies but I think my very favorite is The Lion King. I like it because the comic relief characters really make me laugh (Timon and Pumba). I like it because of the little love story. I like it because Simba learned from his mistakes and did what he could to right his wrong.

However, I think I like it most because of the memory I have of seeing the movie. I think this is the only movie that I have ever seen with my Grandmom in a theatre. I will not ever forget when she took me to see The Lion King. It was so fun and because it was different I felt very special that she was taking me to see it. The Lion King is something my Grandmom and I will always share.

(I have now officially posted over 100 posts on my blog. That is crazy!)

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JoniDH said...

How did I know you would choose Lion King?