Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Three Favorite Places

OK, girls. You wanted my 3 favorite places and I have been thinking about them and this is what I have come up with. I am not a very traveled girl so, after reading all of yours I am not sure this is what you were looking for but it's me!! Enjoy!

The first thing I want to say about my favorite places is that there is an underlying assumption that Chris is beside me at all of these places. I am not sure anywhere without him could be my favorite place. Chris is what makes every place, for me, wonderful. If he is there ... I am OK!

#1 My first favorite place is any room with my mom in it. I miss her and I love her. My Dad jokes with us that if we are both in the same room it doesn't matter if it is just us or if there are 50 others in there, all we know is that the two of us are there. He says we don't see anyone else. Being in the same room with my mom means I have a friend and a confidant in my midst .. and a very wise one at that. She is the best.

#2 My next favorite place is my bed. I think I have the absolute most comfortable bed in the world. It is great. Sometimes I actually long for my bed. When Chris and I were in the birthing classes at the hospital before Hannah was born one of the things they taught us was how to really relax. We were all suppose to think of a happy place. The examples that were given were alone on a beach at sunset, or in a log cabin in the mountains, or at a waterfall listening to the water splash on the rocks. Chris and I went thru that whole class and closed our eyes and did the breathing and we both really relaxed. When we were in the car on the way home Chris asked me where my relaxing place was. I told him I was a little embarrassed and didn't want to tell him. He said he felt the same way. Guess what? Both of us were picturing our bed! That is our relaxing place. It is the best. (Hannah is less than a week old in this picture.)

#3 Last but not least is Marco Island. This is where Chris and I went on our honeymoon. We are getting the chance to go back there this year in October and I can hardly wait. It is a peaceful, relaxing, slow yourself down beach! Wonderful!

Whoever is reading this, has a blog, and has not posted their 3 favorite places .... TAG you're it!


JoniDH said...

I love your favorite places! Pretty much mine too - hum.....! I miss you LOTS and can't wait to see you. I Love You! Mom

4mcknatt's said...

Those are great!!! Pics are very cute also. Haley

tadakids said...

Mindy I love the picture of you, Chris and Hannah in the bed. I think that is the most precious thing I have ever seen. I love your favorite places. I have been tagged. Will post my favorites too.