Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Almost 36 weeks pregnant!

Well, Hannah seems very excited about Justus. I, of course, am not sure she really understands but she knows where his room is, where he is going to sleep, that she is going to be able to take a bath with him, that he is a baby boy, and that he is her brother. She kisses and hugs him and tells him she loves him.

We will see what happens when he really arrives.


The Burgess Family said...

She will love him when he gets here too... might take a few days to get over sharing Mommy and Daddy with him but she will come around!! She will be a WONDERFUL big sister!!

BTW, you look WONDERFUL!!!!!

JoniDH said...

Yes, you do look GREAT! Hope Justus is well rested by the time he gets to come home - he's going to need it! :-)

I think Hannah will quickly adapt to her big sister role.

Love you all!

Betty said...

Ditto! You look great! And, Hannah will be such a sweet big sister! We can't wait!

Grandmom said...

You are beautiful! Both you and Hannah look very excited and happy. Love you!