Monday, September 1, 2008

Menu Plan Monday

I know I am a little late ..... Oh Well.

First, when looking at my menu plan please remember that for the next 3 weeks we are thinking "simple", "no stress", "yummy", and "simple."

(YES, only 3 weeks from Thursday and we get to meet our handsome Justus!!)

Second, I planned for 6 suppers but I don't think we need that many so you may see some of the same ones on the list for next week.

Our grocery bill was a lot more this week than we wanted it to be BUT there are some reasons. We have decided to take Hannah out of day care and let her go to one of our wonderful friends homes every day. This means we actually had a little extra money this week. Also, our grocery store was having big big sales for the weekend on items we buy regularly so our next couple of grocery bills should be lots less than usual. We did think about the things we bought off the grocery list and I believe we were smart. We will see next week if we really were.

If you want to see some others' menu plans check out Org Junkie. I get a lot of recipes to try from this!!

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