Monday, September 15, 2008

Our Sunday Pictures

This Sunday we wore a hand-me-down jumper from Chloe. It is so cute!! Have I ever mentioned that I love hand-me-downs? AND I was so excited to have a purple shirt to go under it so that I could put her corker hair bow in her hair. I think those are so cute.

Look at that bug bite on her hand!

This is really how she preferred standing but I made her get up for a couple of pictures. She is a little pill to get a picture from lately. It is really hilarious though.

I guess it has been at least 3 months since she has had to wear a pair of socks and when we put these socks and shoes on her she started whining and said that those shoes were too heavy. Poor thing - having to wear such heavy shoes. (We let her take them off in the middle of worship to get a break from them!)

This may look like an ordinary duck. But it is in fact a chicken that actually does the chicken dance. She loves it. Thank you Grandmom and Grandpop.

This is the smile. This is what we are getting these days when we ask her to look at us and smile. Fake? Ya Think?

So, I finally told her to look at Daddy and think about how he makes her laugh. This is what I got. LOVE IT! She is so so lucky to have a Daddy who can make her laugh every day. Thank you Chris, for being such an absolutely wonderful Daddy!

She is singing The B-I-B-L-E and "standing on the Word of God" here.

This is more the regular Hannah smile.
Each and every one of her faces -- How Beautiful!


Julie said...

Precious! Sometimes I see you Mindy and sometimes I see Chris in her smile. Isn't that cool?!!

Hannah has such GREAT parents! What blessings!!

JoniDH said...

What a mess you are, Hannah! An adorable, funny, precious, lovable mess! I can't wait to see you! We always have such fun! Love to all of you! Joni/Mom/Nannah

Betty said...

Ditto! How cute you are Hannah, and how lucky you are to have such wonderful parents. So sorry you had to wear heavy shoes...but you look so cute in them and your pretty jumper and hair bow. And I especially love your smiles. We'll see you all soon!