Friday, September 19, 2008

Harris Teeter

I have heard about Harris Teeter Triple Coupon days and I have read about how great they can be. It is not until today that I decided to try it out. Now, my friends LeeAnn and Kathy are pros so if you want to see how a real pro does it - definitely go to their blogs and see how they have done.

Here are the things that have made me not too interested in trying it in the past: #1 I don't want to be tempted to buy things that we won't really use and #2 Harris Teeter always seems more expensive to me anyway that triple coupons on name brand items doesn't seem as though it would be a much better price than my Kroger brand products anyway. #3 We don't really have a Harris Teeter near by so we have to make a special effort to go to one.

Here are the things that made me try it today: #1 I read LeeAnn's and Kathy's success stories. #2 I realized that they will triple a coupon even if it means that you are saving more than the product's price. For example if a product costs $1 and you have a 50 cent coupon then you have an excess of 50 cents. #3 I looked at Harris Teeter's website and their weekly ads and found that they did have some things that were an OK price.

In case you don't know about it, the rules are you can only use 20 coupons in a transaction and they will only triple coupons under $1 off.

My intention today was to buy items that I had a coupon for that could be tripled and to only buy things that I KNEW we would use, even if we didn't need it right now. I bought a couple of products that I wanted to try since I had a good coupon and I did buy 3 items that I did not have a triple coupon for. I bought milk because we needed milk and the price was not more than Kroger. I bought 2 boxes of Raisin Bran because they were buy one get one free. I also bought a pack of batteries for the camera for the hospital when Justus is born and I did have a $1 coupon for them but, of course, that does not triple.

Here are my figures excluding the 3 items that I did not use triple coupons for:
Total amount for groceries: $58.31
Total VIC Card savings: $1.99
Total Coupon savings: $37.88
Total Out Of Pocket amt: $18.44
(These figures don't include tax)

Not too bad.
Here is the picture of all that I got.
I got things like Ziplock bags, toothpaste, Stain Remover, Toilet Paper, Paper Towels, Hamburger Helper, Cereal, deodorant, Chex Mix.... You get the picture.

Let me know if you try it. I want to know how you did. I think, for this time, Triple Coupon days end tomorrow. I am sure there will be others in the future. (I always find out from LeeAnn's blog when they are but I will try to let you know when I know for the future ones.)


LeeAnn said...

Looks like you did great...especially for the first time! After a couple of times you start remembering which items are "money makers" and I always buy those even when they are things I don't use b/c they lower the overall cost. Then I find someone who does use that item and give it away! This time around I've made 3 trips so far...and am contemplating going one more time tonight b/c someone at church just gave me more coupons this really is an addiction...or maybe just a fun game! :)

Melissa said...

I went to Harris Teeter yesterday (Sunday)for the triple coupons and I bought some things I could use and wanted to try with the coupons...I paid 59.38 and saved 34.20 in coupons, 1 was $2 off coupon for lysol spray and saved
.70 cents with the vic card. In my order I bought toothpaste, windex, bug spray, cereal,canned biscuts/pizza dough, frozen biscuts, frozen chicken, heat and eat Ham with maple brown sugar glaze, brownie mix, cheese sticks, yogurt, hamburger helper and frozen breakfast items, and tampons.

Kathy said...

I didn't see this post until today! Yay! I'm glad you tried it. It is fun, isn't it? It seems sneaky to get such a good deal! You did great! Leeann and I learn something everytime we go. For example, even if a coupon says "Do not Double", if it has a 5 as the first number of the bar code, it will douple/triple anyway. Also, internet coupons do work as long as they start with a 5 at the beginning of the barcode. Another thing, you can google "hot coupon world harris teeter" when you find out that there's going to be a triple sale soon and there will be a list where people post which coupons are the best deals. (this is a very big help to me!) Some of those people on there even post excel spreadsheets with all the info on them!!! I don't have QUITE that much time!