Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Beard Month Update

This was Saturday the 21st at about 2pm!We were going to a wedding that night. A wedding of an old friend of Chris' from college. Chris realized that he was going to see a lot of old friends that had not seen him in a while. He also knew that, even though they all use to celebrate November Beard Month together that if they were in a wedding - they would probably not have their beard.

SO, here are the pictures after 4pm Saturday the 21st.Who knows, he may have shaved for Grandmom too?


Grandmom said...

I love that clean, handsome face. I can really see how handsome without that scraggly beard. Thanks Chris even if it really wasn't for me. Love you

JoniDH said...

Beautiful couple! Chris you are always a cutie! (Sometimes just more cute than others!)

Wendy said...

AWE!!! Love Chris both ways!!!
Love you,