Wednesday, November 11, 2009

It Has Started

At Age 3.

The other night, Hannah prayed to God that she would get to go to Disney World soon. By the way, this thought is totally from outside our home (thank you Elizabeth, Lori, Shana, Preston, ..... and so on). We don't talk about that around here. Actually Chris has never been and I almost want to be sure Chris and I go alone before we ever take the kids so he can REALLY enjoy it!

Anyway, Chris asked her what Disney World was. We know she has no clue! But she said it was where she could go see Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.

Chris told her to keep on praying about it.

I told her that we would all talk about it when Justus was potty trained.

Whew! Already!!!! Crazy!


JoniDH said...


Betty said...

Me too!

Wendy said...

At least Hannah knows to take it ALL to God in prayer. Don't you love it!!??
Aunt Wendy

Christopher said...

I bet she brings it up when the potty training begins. That girl remembers everything.

Traci Michele said...

Hey there! You have a beautiful family. I too, am happily married and have a 3 year old little girl, and a 10 month old boy. Life is so busy, but God is so good!

Nice to meet you!