Sunday, November 22, 2009

Our Sunday Pictures

Justus was "sick" today. He had a fever, runny nose, and a small tight cough. I put sick in "" because he played and laughed and ate and slept and had a great day, just fine! I think he might be faking! he he! Just Kidding, grandparents out there, don't worry, we have a doc appt tomorrow morning at 8am!


Betty said...

Just precious. Love your dress Hannah. Justus, sorry you're under the weather, "sick", but glad you still feel like playing, especially on your neat truck! Let us know how you're doing. Ah, "sick" children...can't keep that from happening sometimes. Love to all!

JoniDH said...

Glad you put the doctor info in there for me! Hope he's better today! Great pictures - Hannah, tell Mrs. Pritchett thank you AGAIN for such a cute fall outfit - sorry Justus didn't get to go and wear his matching outfit! Justus - look at all that hair!!!! Love you all!

Wendy said...

YEAH!!! Great picture Hannah and love your fall dress!! Love my Justus and his tan little legs!!! You don't look "sick"!!!
Love you,
Aunt Wendy